4 Simple Ways to Avoid Toilet Troubles

Hearing your toilet gurgle or watching the water level near the top of the bowl is never a good sign. As one of the most frequently used items in the home, toilets are prone to problems. But there are certain ways to maintain a properly functioning “porcelain throne” – and most of them are relatively easy to do.

4 Simple Ways to Avoid Toilet Troubles

Here are four ways to avoid toilet troubles:

1. Go easy on the T.P.

Using too much toilet paper is one of the most common mistakes homeowners make when it comes to maintaining a properly functioning toilet. While most modern toilets are equipped to adequately flush a decent amount of toilet tissue, using too much can wreak havoc further down in the plumbing system.

If you use an excessive amount of toilet paper, you might find yourself dealing with issues in the P-trap or floor drain. This is caused by a buildup of toilet paper when it doesn’t dissolve properly. If you find yourself in need of a bit of extra toilet paper, the best thing you can do for your toilet function is to flush in-between, using small amounts of T.P. at a time.

2. Keep the lid closed

Along with slowing the spread of viruses and germs, keeping the toilet lid closed can also prevent common mishaps in the bathroom. Many plumbing calls we respond to regarding toilets are from panicked homeowners who suspect that something has been flushed down the drain after accidentally falling into the bowl. (If you live with children, you know this threat is all too real!) Get in the habit of keeping the lid close to prevent any surprises.

3. Don’t flush foreign objects (even flushable wipes)

Similarly, purposely flushing foreign objects can be detrimental to your toilet’s functionality, not to mention your entire plumbing system. Foreign objects of any size can cause clogs, broken elements inside the toilet, and more. Even bathroom products marketed as “flushable” aren’t always safe to flush regularly, as they are typically less readily dissolved and can sit at the P-trap or inside your plumbing, creating the perfect opportunity for clogs to form. As a general rule, try to dispose of anything other than toilet paper into a wastebasket rather than flushing it down the drain.

4. Never dump food down the drain

It can be tempting to dispose of kitchen remnants or food leftovers by flushing them down the toilet, especially when it comes to soups, broths, or other liquid leftovers. We cannot stress the importance of proper food disposal enough for maintaining your home’s plumbing systems. Even liquid substances can harden within the toilet’s plumbing or stick to the walls of the pipes, causing the potential for disaster.

Chicago plumbers for a clogged toilet

If you follow the directions above and use your best common sense, you can often prevent toilet issues.

However, no one is perfect and plumbing issues always seem to arise at the worst moment. So if you have a toilet that is currently backed up or frequently clogs, contact the experts at Rocket Plumbing.

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