Chicago Plumber Announces They Have Surpassed the 500-Review Milestone

Congratulations to X1Plumbing approved Rocket Plumbing in Chicago!

“Rocket Plumbing has just announced that they have passed yet another review milestone. This Chicago area drain cleaning specialist has just received the 500th review of their services. These reviews have been accumulated across several different review platforms. The company’s 500th review stated, ‘Rocket Plumbing performed a camera scope of the sanitary drain lines of a home we are looking to purchase. They were incredibly experienced and knowledgeable and shared that knowledge with me every step of the way. The company employees were also very professional and answered all my questions so now I am informed and prepared for any future issues and maintenance. I highly recommend them!’

This 5-star review also just happened to be the 100th review that had been left on their Google Maps Business Listing. On that listing, a vast majority of these 100 reviews are in the 5-star category and they have an average rating of 4.6 out of a possible 5-stars. This is a very commendable rating for any type of service business where it’s very hard to fully satisfy every single customer every time.”

X1Plumbing has known about Rocket Plumbing for a couple of years. Their owner, Brian McMahon, has been on the cutting edge of Drain Cleaning technology, deploying superior tools ahead of the rest of the plumbing industry.  And it shows!  Check out their excellent reviews.

Company owner, Brian McMahon, says, “We are extremely pleased with the high number of glowing reviews that we have received on our plumbing services. They show us that our hard work, emphasis on customer service, and commitment to excellence are paying off. Even on those reviews that do not give us a perfect score on our services, we use them as a learning tool so we can strive to get as close as possible to meeting or exceeding all of our customers’ plumbing service expectations.”

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Speaking of technological advances, here is one to watch…

Smart Shower Heads

The voice activation of devices many of us are becoming comfortable with can now apply to your shower head.  These new devices allow you to change the morning shower experience with voice-activated adjustments to temperature and steam, as well as behavioral customizations that can save water like pausing when sensing you have stepped away.   And yes, the obvious is there… playing music.  See this smart shower head demo from CNET in 2020, you will get an idea where this trend is going.

Jeff Tucker
Author: Jeff Tucker