X1Plumbing In The U.S. Congratulates Chicago Plumber for 500th Review

X1Plumbing In The U.S., a marketing technology provider in the plumbing industry, has congratulated Rocket Plumbing for having received their 500th review, which is considered to be a significant milestone for the Chicago plumber. X1Plumbing has known about Rocket Plumbing for several years. The company owner, Brian McMahon, has always strived to be on the cutting edge of drain cleaning technology with the result that they always deploy the best drain cleaning tools ahead of the rest of the plumbing industry.

In the said 500th review, which is a five-star review, the customer said, “Rocket Plumbing performed a camera scope of the sanitary drain lines of a home we are looking to purchase. They were incredibly experienced and knowledgeable and shared that knowledge with me every step of the way. The company employees were also very professional and answered all my questions so now I am informed and prepared for any future issues and maintenance. I highly recommend them.”

This particular review also happened to be the plumbing contractor’s 100th review on their Google Maps Business Listing. On Google Maps, Rocket Plumbing has achieved an overall rating of 4.6 out of 5 stars. Brian McMahon was, of course, very pleased with the large number of highly positive reviews they have been receiving for their plumbing services. He assured customers they will continue to focus on providing the best possible customer service and that they will always be committed to excellence. They will always look forward to receiving feedback from customers, including those that are less than perfect because they can learn from them on how to further improve their services.

For those who need a plumber in Chicago, Rocket Plumbing offers expert service through their experienced plumbing technicians. Whatever the problem, whether it sinks that are draining slowly, water heaters that are leaking, or toilets that are clogged, they can provide the necessary services. They are also always ready to respond to any emergency plumbing need. They always have a team on standby ready to listen to homeowners and other property owners about their unique situation and dispatch their certified and highly trained plumbers as soon as possible.

Rocket Plumbing does not only provide plumbing services. They can also provide sewer cleaning, water heater services, hydro-jetting, and services for sump pumps. Their plumbing services include: clogged drain cleaning, faucet repair, gas leak repair, repair of garbage disposal system, toilet repair, toilet installation, water leak repair, and frozen pipes repair. One of their specialties is drain cleaning, such as clogged toilets and toilet drain cleaning; sewage backups and main sewer drain cleaning; clogged sink drain cleaning; laundry tub drain cleaning; blocked dishwasher drain cleaning; blocked garbage disposal drain cleaning; backing up toilets and blocked sewers snaked; stopped sinks, basin and tub drains; clogged shower drain cleaning; snaking slow bathtub drains; blocked outside drain cleaning; floor drain backups and floor drain cleaning; roof drain cleaning and stopped stack drain snaked; and snaking backed up drains, sewer snakes, unclogging drains.

They can also get rid of tree roots in the sewer lines. Tree roots often find their way into the septic pipe and then continue to grow until they totally block the system. Rocket Plumbing has invested in the most up-to-date technology to remove tree roots from within sewer lines. Unlike the conventional sewer line cleaning methods, this advanced technology eradicates tree roots from all sides of the pipe, thus, completely eliminating the issue.

Rocket Plumbing uses hydro jetting and the newer picote milling technology for its drain cleaning services. This employs the latest technology to completely clean sewer lines without the potential damage and mess that conventional rootering and snaking methods may cause. It uses high-pressure water jets to get rid of clogs and debris within the sewer line while cleaning the line itself to avoid future problems. Hydro jetting is currently the most effective way of clearing clogs and backups in sewer lines.

Those who are in need of a plumber that offers drain cleaning service in Chicago can check out the X1Plumbing directory or contact them through email.

Jeff Tucker
Author: Jeff Tucker